Media Litigation and Counseling

With the exponential growth of media in the 21st Century, newer and graver legal challenges are being increasingly witnessed that afflict the growth and development of media houses. These challenges, on the one hand, make it difficult for everyday decision making process within the organization, and on the other hand, they sap the vital time and resources out of the management; thus, rendering them helpless in the wake of constant pressures from the outside.

Major media companies often find themselves in the litigious situations where actions, like defamation, cyber squatting, breach of privacy, copyright violations, and unauthorized use of material, are routinely forced upon them by people with vested interests. If not managed professionally, all this can quickly lead to in-house resource crunch.

Our Law Firm has, within its fold, highly talented media litigation and counseling lawyers who understand the legal woes afflicting the media houses on a daily basis. We are fully aware that publishers, broadcaster and content aggregators of all sizes are exposed to legal hassles, albeit on a varying scale. We have worked with several media houses over the years; thus, building up long-term relationships based on a deep understanding of the commercial and legal pressures on the media industry.

Our media lawyers have strong hold on the legal provisions and latest updates on the Freedom of Press as enshrined under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. With constant work pressures on the media due to peculiarity about the nature of their job, we are well placed to defend media rights and uphold the honor and prestige of the fourth pillar of democracy.

Among a host of services, our media litigation and counseling lawyers offer timely pre-publication advice and clearance, including advice on day-to-day news gathering. Our media lawyers in Chandigarh also render expert legal opinion on publishing and licensing agreements, besides giving consultancy services on a wide range of media-related issues, including content licensing, rights disputes, character licensing, profit participation, accounting disputes.