Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate lawyers in Simranjeet Law Associates have global experience of more than four decades in handling complex mergers and acquisitions. Our law firm in Chandigarh has handled cross-border transactions in developing and developed economies. Our lawyers in Chandigarh has assisted clients of diverse industries in mergers and acquisitions throughout the world. Simranjeet Law Associates is ranked among the top notch law firms for mergers and acquisitions because of the enormous scale of capacity of our mergers and acquisitions Law practice.

Our lawyers work as a single unit and approach a task as a team. Our law firm negotiates and implements legally complex domestic and international transactions on behalf of our multinational clients.

We have expert corporate lawyers in Chandigarh to deal with mergers and acquisitions and assist the top-notch senior advocates in Chandigarh in transactions which focuses on taxation issues, anti-trust and competition issues, complex financial and securities transactions, employee welfare, intellectual property rights, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, pension matters, government and regulatory matters, environmental, land and real estate matters.

Our corporate lawyers in Chandigarh provide legal assistance to clients on mergers and acquisitions transactions in a multitude of industries. Our law firm has specific experience in transactions undertaken government regulated industries were the government and businesses are at crossroads and therefore the need for integrated strategy to handle complex transactional issues. Our legal experience combined with in depth industry knowledge allows us to assist our clients in complex legalities to provide innovative legal solutions domestically and internationally.