In monetary terms, patents represent majority among the class of Intellectual Property assets within an organization. The more patents possessed by a company, the more its goodwill and valuation among potential investors and stakeholders. A patent holder enjoys the exclusive right to commercially exploit the patent. However, the enforcement of such a right requires the knowledge of legal rigmaroles, which only a qualified patent lawyer possesses.

It is the ability to leverage patent rights through production, transfer, or licensing, which separates an astute patent holder from an ordinary one. The agreements surrounding the licensing and transfer of patent rights are highly technical and require an expert legal eye to see through the peaks and troughs trapped within the legalese. Thus, whether you want to commercially gain from your patent or enforce your exclusive patent right against an unauthorized patent user, the services of a qualified and talented patent lawyer are required.

Simranjeet Law Associates’s patent lawyers understand the nuances involved in preparing patent applications and making them watertight to withstand the many levels of regulatory scrutiny. Our lawyers are equipped to deal with the high-end technicalities involved in preparing patent applications and defending the rights of the patent holders. Most of our patent lawyers hold advanced degrees in fields, such as engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, and computer science. They represent judicious blend of legal acumen and scientific skills to offer the client robust patent advocacy and litigation services. Our intellectual property law firm in Chandigarh has extensive experience of working with clients from all major industries, like life sciences and technology, and telecommunications. We represent local and multinational companies, start-ups, universities, educational institutions, hospitals, and research organizations and counsel them on the techno-legal aspects related to patent exploitation as well as litigation.

Our patent lawyers provide a wide array of services, including strategic counseling, portfolio development, commercial transactions, rights enforcement, and patent licensing. Throughout the lifetime of a patent, our lawyers will be at hand and assist the innovators in understanding their patent rights, deriving financial gains from their rights and resolving disputes concerning unauthorized use of patent by a third party.