After the advent of globalization and liberalisation, economic scenario has undergone a deep change. With the change in the way businesses operate and cut throat competition in the market, management of pension funds have become an extremely important part of the corporate transactions. The pension liabilities of the former employees must be taken into account during mergers and acquisitions and related management buyouts. It is so much important factor that pension liabilities can make or break an important strategic deal. Pension is a highly regulated area. This complex legal aspect needs in depth knowledge. Entrepreneurs, directors and employers must have knowledge of their legal obligations towards pension fund management and must resolve conflicts of interest if any.

Our law firm in Chandigarh gives legal advice to trustees, directors, pension fund managers and financial institutions involved in the pension industry on all legal and regulatory aspects.

Our lawyers help our clients in establishing and maintaining regulated pension funds schemes. We advise our clients if there are any changes to the pensioner benefits and help our clients reduce costs and prevent volatility. Our law firm in Chandigarh assists clients in dealing with pension related issues during mergers and acquisitions and spin-offs. We assist private sector companies to whom pension funds of public sector are outsourced. Our lawyers guide clients in the use of derivatives and investment of pension funds including creation of special purpose vehicles. We advise directors and trustees about their responsibilities and liabilities and guide them on how to share profits.

Pension disputes in any large-scale industry are inevitable. Our law firm in Chandigarh represents corporate clients in litigation and administrative proceedings before courts and tribunals. The practice covers handling of complaints made to the pension ventilators, professional negligence claims against pension fund managers, trustees and directors and cases where allegations have been made about breach of trust by the trustees. We help clients navigate the complex legalities relating to funding disputes, fiduciary liabilities, disputes with pension regulators or liabilities for deficits. Our lawyers are experts in interpretation of statutes, rules and contracts. We resolve disputes arising out of interpretation of pension funds schemes.