Policy Advocacy

Government decision making and policies are a long drawn process, and require active participation from the informed citizenry to provide vital inputs in order to safeguard the interests of all sections of the society. In a democracy, the governments not only seek comments from the public for important decisions and legislation, but also ensure that useful suggestions are implemented and accommodated in the final policy decisions. Through this participative process, government ensures that the voice of every citizen in heard and reflected in its policy decisions.

Simranjeet Law Associates comes into the picture by ensuring your interests are communicated to the right people in the corridors of power. We present our clients with a unique opportunity to effectively shape policy and governmental decisions by associating with our policy advocacy services. Our team of expert policy advocates brings on board a wealth of in-depth knowledge and public affairs experience with local insights to deliver positive outcomes at domestic as well as international level.

Although it seems an easy decision from the outside, yet decision making in the government is a highly complicated procedure. Our policy advocacy lawyers help their clients to:

  • identify and identify emerging policy risks and opportunities; legislative and regulatory framework;
  • devise cogent arguments to influence government departments, agencies and regulators;
  • articulate and present the arguments that make all the right noises within the government;
  • prepare them with oral advocacy in case they need to personally present case in front of legislators and policy makers;
  • advise on submissions to and appearance before legislative committees and inquiry commissions;
  • shape policy and governmental decisions to their advantage.

We specialize in developing hard-edged legal arguments on vital aspects of business, which deliver the desired results and go a long way in protecting the long term interests of your business.