Privacy and Information Management

Data and information are considered to be the modern day goldmines. The wealth of data and its importance is realised not just by the governments, but also by private businesses, especially the Information Technology Sector, which works with businesses as well as the governments the world over and is involved in extensive data collection, storage, use, sharing and processing. This makes the information a vital asset, which is exposed to all kinds of risks and challenges. Invariably, this has resulted in the governments coming up with strict regulatory framework to protect personal and other sensitive data from misuse.

Simranjeet Law Associates privacy lawyers have an edge over their competitors in terms of knowledge (both technical and legal), skills, and expertise over privacy issues affecting industry, governments and people. We not just cater to our large private clientele, but also to the governments that often seek our inputs and suggestions for drafting privacy regulatory framework.

In the wake of national and international threats to the information, the modern privacy and information management practices have undergone massive transformation in terms of improved technology as well as the administrative measures that have been embedded in the corporate policy framework. Data protection has also become one of the yardsticks for the clients to measure the efficacy of a company to confidentially handle the information being shared with them. Data secrecy is also a vital cog in the overall wheel of information management.

Our privacy and information management lawyers have worked with both the industry and the government, which enables them to fully appreciate the thought-process, requirements and the necessity with respect to data privacy. With insights from both the sides, our privacy lawyers are well positioned to assist their clients with all of their compliance challenges, creating international transfer agreements, drafting policies and contracts, and providing advisory services for all their privacy-related concerns. We also represent our clients in investigations and adversarial matters concerning the use of data – both nationally as well as internationally.