Privacy Litigation

Potential legal liability in law suits related to privacy has been swelling at a steady pace in recent years. This spreading legal sphere has been fueled by lawyers targeting privacy infringement cases as a growth area, class actions based on recent case laws, and several recent high-profile court cases relating to privacy. State government departments and authorities, as well as data protection authorities, have made their efforts to investigate breach of privacy and data security issues and incidents more and more aggressive with the passage of time. State agencies and police are imposing stricter legal standards on businesses and state departments and authorities are pursuing legal actions and conducting strict investigations as a reaction to perceived privacy violations like breach of privacy and data breaches. Breach of electronic privacy is now also an offense. Our law lays down safeguards for this kind of electronic privacy.

In this changed legal environment, companies need experts who pursue their legal issues related to privacy issues aggressively, understand the rapidly changing legal and technical sphere, and provide sound legal advice that is crutial to a businesses’ legal interests when they respond to class and other civil actions and quasi-governmental investigations. Interests of businesses must be protected from actions under privacy laws. Privacy issues like cross-border privacy data and breach of privacy require companies to have a complete understanding of the adverse implications of Indian and foreign data protection laws and regulations, the different privacy enforcement methods in multiple jurisdictions, and how privacy issues come at cross-roads with discovery and other requirements during court cases.

Businesses need experts with practical knowledge to provide them accurate legal advice on these complicated issues. Privacy experts work closely with our international breach of privacy law practice to legally represent clients in privacy-related court cases and investigations. Knowledge of changing privacy laws with experience in commercial, corporate-white-collar, and class action suits and governmental privacy-related investigations becomes foundation of success in privacy matters.