Product Liability

Product liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, retailers, suppliers and others who provide products available to the public are made responsible for the injuries caused by those products to the public. This is covered by consumer laws in case of non-commercial use and prevailing civil law in all other cases. Product Liability practice blends technical and scientific knowledge with deep understanding of today’s commercial environment. Businesses’ products and commercial issues need to be understood, for success in product liability court cases. Our product liability experts have successfully handled many of the product liability controversies and represented manufacturers of automotive, aviation, consumer goods, electronics, food, life sciences industries among many others.

Product Liability law practice covers all dimensions of product liability, like risk prevention and risk management, legal compliance with product safety laws and regulations, product labeling, product recalling, and the defense of cross-border and multi-party personal injury claims. Focus remains on commercial risk management to decrease exposure to civil and criminal liabilities under law. Experts assist clients to manage product liability risks globally. Product liability lawyers work together with businesses to solve whatever problems they face anywhere in the world.

When a person buys a product for non-commercial use, they have certain rights as a consumer. One of them is the right to be safe while using the item. On consumer side, a defective product can cause financial loss, personal injury and mental harassment. This product may be a vehicle, medical devices, medicines, or products for children. Consumer laws protect consumers from any kind of exploitation by providing legal redress to their grievances. A consumer who has been sold a defective product can seek redress as per procedure laid down in consumer laws.