Property Disputes Lawyers in Chandigarh High Court

Our property lawyers handle real estate disputes, property disputes, rent matters, tenant landlord disputes. We contest complex property disputes and also assist clients in negotiating and legally drafting commercial and residential leases as well as structure limited partnerships and creating joint ventures. We have assisted existing commercial, industrial and residential real estate builders to form conglomerates to achieve their legal ends.

We have both the experience and the expertise to help resolve court cases efficiently and effectively with minimum fuss and stress involved. We listen carefully to gain a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances of a case. After that, clients are provided with practical legal advice apart from a comprehensive legal representation, based on client need. We lead clients through the complex field of property law and help them find a positive solution to their property dispute, ensuring that any further adverse impact to both personal and professional life is averted, in present and in future. As former government lawyers, we have a lot of experience in handling property disputes in Chandigarh High Court.

Major property litigation areas are:

  • Acquisitions and divestment in India of industrial and commercial buildings, hotels and resorts apart from individual residences and agricultural properties
  • Builder and purchaser cost-sharing agreements
  • Builders Cost Sharing Agreements
  • Commercial and retail leasing
  • Construction and development financing
  • Disputes regarding sale of property
  • Land (including agricultural) Leases
  • Land Acquisition Cases
  • Land acquisition cases
  • Leaseback Contracts
  • Partition of Property, disputes arising out of ancestral and self earned property
  • Project management and construction agreements with builders.
  • Rent Disputes.

Our lawyers are experienced in property disputes which may relate to Non-Resident Indian (NRI) clients settled in USA, Canada or Australia or domestic clients with property in India. We provide legal advice and handle cases like:-

  • Advice on rent agreement disputes
  • Applications for relief under long lease agreements with builders
  • Boundary disputes
  • Claims of unlawful repairs
  • Rental Security Deposit disputes
  • Disputes over financial interest/s in property (commercial or family law bases), Mortgage disputes, Property and Banking disputes
  • Leasehold enfranchisement for both landlords and long leaseholders
  • Misrepresentation and fraud in property cases
  • Planning permission disputes – Change of Land Use Agreements (CLU)
  • Possession/rent recovery including those of NRI clients
  • Recovery of land or premises from unlawful occupiers
  • Rent and service recovery charges under long leases
  • Site plan clearance services
  • Tenancy cancellation negotiations