Administrative and Public Law

In administrative law/ public law litigation involves challenging of rules, notifications, bye-laws unreasonable administrative action through petition for judicial review. Our lawyers have knowledge of the subject-matter of the specific area of government regulation which is at issue. In that way, administrative law experts create an optimal team of lawyers and clients to present case in the most effective, efficient way possible before the relevant tribunal or in court. When governmental agencies propose regulations that affect an individual, institution or a corporate house, clients first need guidance to work against the government department, send legal notices, and then proceed in court to protect their interests. Unlawful and unreasonable administrative action can also be challenged in administrative tribunals. Against order of administrative tribunals, writ further lies in higher courts or appeals lie in appellate tribunals.

Under Administrative and Public Law, writs in the nature of Habeas Corpus, Certiorari , Mandamus, Quo Warranto, Prohibition can be filed.

  • Certiorari – to quash an order passed by an quasi-judicial or administrative authority.
  • Mandamus – to direct a state instrumentality or an administrative authority to do a lawful act.
  • Prohibition – to prohibit a state instrumentality or an administrative authority from doing an unlawful act.
  • quo warranto – to question a state instrumentality’s power to hold a particular position or exercise some power.