Real Estate

    Global Reach, Personal Touch
    Our real estate lawyers are renowned for first-class legal skills and market knowledge. An integrated, cross-border group, we bring client-focused innovation to bear in pioneering new deal structures and in delivering legal services. As a Simranjeet Law Associates client, you gain access to a single firm wide team that delivers seamless service on large and complex real estate deals, drawing on skills held within our corporate, Real Estate Investment Trusts, hotels, environmental, projects, funds, planning, employment, tax, and disputes teams.

    Transatlantic Real Estate Capability
    We have partners and lawyers working with the global real estate industry, with worldwide offices. Our global presence enables us to provide you with a fully integrated and efficient service, irrespective of the jurisdictions involved. Our real estate lawyers draw on the legal skills and know-how resident in all our worldwide offices, making our team particularly adept in supporting cross-border transactions. We aim, too, to strike a balance between the pragmatic and the legalistic.

    One World, One Team, One Choice
    Many firms claim to combine exceptional legal skills with innovative or lateral thinking. In the case of Simranjeet Law Associates Real Estate team, our clients vouch for us. We consistently rank as a leading practice of top law firms. We achieve this recognition by integrating with clients in order to understand their business objectives. Our innovative and value-added legal solutions — which range from secondee placements to our award-winning outsourcing concept, used to deliver IT-based client service products — are tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements.

    Our lawyers provide expert legal services in real estate leasing and property management and provide exceptional services in relation to commercial leasing matters on the basis of our long experience in the business of real estate. We assist corporate, institutional and individual clients by providing legal representation and timely advice.