Securities Litigation and Enforcement

Public companies and financial services entities, as well as their directors and officers, need expert legal advice in shareholder litigation and investigations by government agencies and self-regulatory organizations. Public companies and their directors and officers need to defend themselves in securities class actions, shareholder derivative actions, and other shareholder actions relating to M&A transactions in Securities Litigation and Enforcement. Companies and individuals, as well as broker-dealers, investment advisers, and hedge funds under investigations need adequate representation. In addition, Securities Litigation and Enforcement experts regularly defend accounting firms and their partners and employees in litigation and thus, are well-versed in accounting and auditing standards.

Because government investigations often proceed in parallel with securities class actions and/or shareholder derivative actions, businesses need multidisciplinary team is able to develop defense strategies that comprehensively address all risks presented by the various actions. Many businesses seek advice of former government servants to protect their financial interests when necessary. Corporations throughout the world need experts with extensive experience in conducting internal investigations regarding a wide range of accounting, disclosure, and corporate governance issues, as well as regulatory issues faced by financial services entities. Expert legal help is also required to frequently develop compliance programs and perform compliance audits for public companies and financial services entities.