Strategic Counseling and Portfolio Development

Intellectual Property (IP), if managed properly, can reap rich rewards for your business. However, improper management can not only ruin your IP, but also negatively impact on your business prospects. Thus, from time to time, you need to take stock of the situation and make decisions accordingly. For instance, if you keep on expanding your product range, it will inevitably lead to inadequate policies governing your IP management. In order to avoid such a situation where you have a number of unregistered IP rights that may be exposed to potential misuse, you need to formulate a comprehensive IP strategy that takes into account all the potential situations that may arise during the ordinary or extraordinary course of business, and which have a long term impact on your business’ IP.

The worst part is your potential investors, buyers, strategic licensees, and business partners will consider your IP protection as inadequate leading to an undervaluation of your business and negative market perception about your brand.

To avoid such a scenario, you need to ally with strategic counseling and portfolio development lawyers, who have a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience to offer you practical advice on how best to develop and exploit IP assets in your target market. In order to evaluate the client’s IP portfolios, we conduct IP audits at regular intervals. Timely advice on the strength and value of your IP assets can go a long way in enhancing your business value during merger, acquisition, IP asset sale, or strategic licensing.

Our strategic counseling service includes a wide variety of matters including assistance in licensing discussions and negotiations with the competitors, non-infringement and invalidity positions with respect to clients’ patents, and even litigation strategies, in case licensing discussions with a competitor do not lead to an amicable conclusion. Our diverse IP clientele include major companies in the electronics software, life sciences, manufacturing, telecommunications, and consumer goods industries.