Structured Finance

Lawyers in our law firm have experience in handling diverse areas of structured finance transactions. This is a part of our structured finance and securitization practice. Our law firm legally represents clients like managers and trustees and investors. We also provided legal services to originators of securitised assets and domestic and foreign portfolio managers.

Our structured finance and securitization law practice has provided counseling on domestic and international financing of full-spectrum of asset types. We have dealt with both private and public stand-alone issues. Our lawyers have given legal advice with regard to master trusts and through conduit structures.

Our law firm is reputed in the field of asset-backed financing. We have also served clients in insurance linked securitizations. Clients bank on our ability to provide timely legal advice on modern innovative financing transactions. We are one of the few law firms in India were able to guide clients on complex legalities relating to capital market trustees.

Our law firm has also provided legal assistance to clients in restructuring issues faced by them. We have also guided clients in the enforcement of structured financing transactions. In our dealings related to structured finance, we are also able to get support of our business restructuring and insolvency team of lawyers providing an edge in legal services provided to the clients. Our law firm has also provided legal advice to our domestic and international clients regarding funding opportunities in context of liquidity traits and with regard to privately placed transactions. We have also assisted clients in public term securitizations.

Long experience of our lawyers coupled with our legal resources which are dedicated to government and regulatory issues, capital market issues and taxation issues allow our law firm in providing in-depth expert advice for a spectrum of structured financing transactions.

Our law firm understands that businesses operate in ever-changing government regulatory conditions. We provide strategic legal advice relating to structured finance, company due compliance and disclosure issues. Further, we are skilled in providing up-to-date legal advice to our clients relating to derivatives related infrastructure. This legal advice relates to data repositories and domestic and foreign broker – dealer transactions. It also relates to clearing issues and exchange execution.