Technology Contracts

Law has always been on a catching mode when it comes to technology, since the latter develops at a much faster pace than the former. What is required is a futuristic approach to deal with contracts concerning IT, ITES and telecommunication industries.

Simranjeet Law Associates is a specialized legal agency that has the wherewithal, expertise and knowledge about the peculiar aspects governing the technology contracts. For instance, multi-jurisdictional nature of outsourcing industry makes it important for us to have an in-depth knowledge about privacy laws, intellectual property laws, database protection laws, and corporate laws as applicable not just in India, but countries, like US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada and Middle Eastern countries.

Our exuberant and legally equipped technology contracts lawyers ensure that the rights of the clients are protected while their liability remains minimal. We also assist our clients to negotiate technology contracts on their behalf with their potential as well as existing clients. Our representative legal services allow us to advise our clients and flagging the potential red herring clauses that can prove disadvantageous in the longer run.

The legal and commercial aspects of new technologies like social networking, instant messaging and cloud computing are both challenging as well as lucrative. The legal challenges include drafting watertight software licensing agreements, service level agreements, Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements, escrow agreements, software distribution agreements, collaboration agreements, Joint Venture (JV) agreements, Independent Contractor agreements, Non-Disclosure agreements, Non-Compete agreements, employment agreements and practically any other document concerning technology sector.

Our prime focus is to provide consultancy service on all aspects of technology contracts, including intellectual property ownership, price adjustment mechanisms, warranties and disclaimers, indemnification obligations, and limitations of liability. Much of our work concerns addressing client issues pertaining to the complex negotiations and implementation issues in technology contracts involving parties from multiple jurisdictions.