Trade Secrets and Confidential Know-How

Knowingly or unknowingly, you possess certain information pertaining to your business, the disclosure of which must be protected at all costs. Such information is technically known as the trade secret of your business and includes composition of products, business and industrial processes, customer and supplier relationships, client lists, and strategic white papers. If not guarded zealously, the disclosure of trade secrets to your competitors can foil your long term plans and strategic goals.

Simranjeet Law Associates has expertise over protecting the trade secrets and confidential knowhow of your business. Although it requires a certain degree of technical knowledge and astute strategies to formulate a cogent plan to protect such information, yet our experiences trade secrets and confidential know-how lawyers have the skills to identify the lurking dangers over such information from the third parties, including competitors, and safeguard your business interests.

Extreme care and caution is required to be exercised when licensing or selling a trade secret, just as with other forms of intellectual property. What needs to be shared and what must be protected should be clearly identified beforehand. We help in analyzing heaps of information relevant to your company and sift out the trade secrets and confidential know-how that must be protected from disclosure.

As part of our trade secrets and confidential know-how consultancy service, we assist in drafting appropriate employee agreements that encompass robust confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses. Where there is extreme sensitivity involved concerning the confidential information of your company, we advise separate non-disclosure agreement to protect the disclosure of your trade secret and confidential know-how.

As part of our comprehensive trade secrets advisory service, we can formulate policies and practices for your organization to help prevent the theft of trade secrets by your former, current, and future employees. In case you want to capitalize on your trade secrets, we can even prepare agreements for the license or sale of your precious information. In the worst case scenario, our litigation lawyers will represent your organization and help you a favorable verdict whether the proceeding take place at a local court or in international arbitration forum.