Trademarks and Brands

Trademarks represent your brand identity, which is the result of your intellectual pursuits through creativity in coming up with unique name for your company, logo, and other artwork associated with your business. Maintaining and nurturing such rich legacy of creativity requires certain expertise that only a few can offer.

Simranjeet Law Associates’s trademark lawyers are experts in offering full trademark services starting from clearance searches related to trademark availability, registration of the mark to filing objections, and even litigating on the infringement of your trademarks by third parties. Our trademark lawyers possess unique combination of prosecution and counseling skills along with the wealth of experience in enforcing and defending trademark rights of the client across multiple jurisdictions.

Our comprehensive trademark services include handling local trademark filings along with Community Trade Marks. We have a vast network of agents and partners in other jurisdictions to equip you with robust strategic advice on brand protection worldwide. Furthermore, we offer both central and regional points of contact for the management of global trademark portfolios.

With our trademark lawyers in charge of your trademark portfolio, you need not worry about protecting your brand name worldwide. Whether it’s in local market or a global trademark, we devise practicable strategy to establish and protect your trademarks. The cases concerning trademark infringement are diverse, viz. trade dress, passing off of your brand name by a third party, trademark trafficking, domain name infringement (cyber-squatting, typo-squatting, domain name hijacking, etc.). However, our first preference has always been to achieve amicable resolutions of trademark disputes through the negotiation of coexistence or settlement agreements.

We offer a range of trademark protection services, like handling multi-jurisdictional litigation matters for leading global brands, enforcing and defending your rights through cease-and-desist activities, trademark oppositions, cancellations, domain name arbitration, anti-counterfeiting actions, customs actions, and civil and criminal litigation before courts and before the U.S. International Trade Commission.